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We provide innovative solutions for all your needs!

The RAYN Group is at your service, providing complete 360 degree support to ensure you can achieve your goals. We believe every person we work with is a partner and we want to be part of your journey to greater success. Each and every consultation is unique and so are the solutions we architect to tailor fit your desires.  Let’s work together to transform your environment. GET STARTED TODAY

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant


A complete range of services to ensure your success!

Creativity, Innovation and World Class Service are ingrained in everything we do.  With an expansive network of consultants  incorporating a vast array of skillsets and tools, RAYN Group is uniquely poised to deliver your project. Our goal is to guarantee your success, regardless if you are an enterprise seeking to spread your branches or a sole proprietor sowing the seeds of your dream.


These days Marketing can appear in a variety of formats, from traditional to digital and any blend of the in-between. What remains in tact is that you need a solid strategy to brand yourself and make your presence known. Seeking to design a Marketing Strategy? Or maybe you want to Develop a Brand or Launch a Product. We are poised to deliver your project, idea or organization to success. Let’s talk.

Business Engineering

Business engineering encompasses a myriad of services which come together to take clients through their journey from conception to achieving their goals. Regardless if you are an individual with an idea or an expanding enterprise, we offer a suite of solutions including Business Development, Training, Management, Quality Controls and much more. Let us align you with where you wish to be.

Technology Architecture

When it comes to execution of your plans, having the right tools is critical. At RAYN we have a vast arsenal at your disposal as well as the technical capacity to design, implement and even manage solutions. This enables you to focus on your goals whilst we ensure your tools are being well utilized. Need a CRM, Mobile or Cloud technology? How about robust servers & infrastructure? Contact us today.


Have you ever known that you want to do something truly remarkable and unique with your business but haven’t been sure where to start? Or even what you can do? Come talk to us today and let us help you craft your concept and bring it to reality LEARN MORE

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Our Family

We are a close knit family who blends our skills to nurture excellence and deliver satisfaction to every partner. Our core team works closely with each partner to ensure their journey leads to success.

Raynardo Hassanally

Marketing Sensei

Flexible and adaptive to the growing and continuously evolving world of Marketing. Ray bring with him vast expertise in Marketing and Business Processes along with a host of other skills.

Anya Narine-Maraj

Chief Whip

Rigidly ensuring the things are always up to standard. Anya a solid foundation in Quality Assurance, ISO Standards and Marketing

Raphael Singh

 Numbers Wizard


Shadowy Tech-Guy

Solutions Warrior

Our resident Tech Guru who specializes in Business Solution Architecture and Project Management.

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